burly & grum

Burly's full name is Burlington Bear.  


He has always lived right in the heart of a great forest and loves the wilderness.  In summer he will roam for miles and knows the forest and the animals that live in it like the back of his paw.  In winter he hibernates in a small cave that overlooks the forest.


His favourite occupations are eating (he loves cake and honey) and sleeping in the warmth of the sun.  If you ask him his age, however, he becomes a little shy, saying "he's in his prime" (which, of course, he is!).


Burly is very friendly and gets on with everyone.  He's extremely strong but he uses his strength wisely and will help anyone in trouble.  Despite the fact he's a very relaxed bear he's also very inquisitive and when he was young his curiosity got him into lots of scrapes.  He has many happy memories of his adventures - the first time he tried to catch a salmon he fell into a fast flowing river and ended up a mile downstream!


Burly is very good friends with Mike and they often have tea and honey cakes together.


If you were to ever meet Burly you would know that you were in safe paws.


Burly napping