burly & grum

Grum's full name is Grum P. Groblin of the Griff clan.


Groblins are short tempered, green and think about things differently to the way you or I do.  They think that beautiful is scary. That not washing and smelling awful is good. That insects are delicious. That music is awful (it makes their ears hurt) and they are very rude.  But they're also refreshingly honest.


Grum has two older brothers, Grimly and Gripe and, as the youngest, his mother has spoilt him.  He's used to getting his own way and sulks when he doesn't but when he's in trouble he is very brave and determined.  Grum will have a go at anything and his two favourite things in the world are sliding down slides and playing in mud.


Grum would like to be an adventurer when he grows up.


Grum and kittens